Homepack provides an independent professional advice service for first time buyers and investors.

Welcome to Homepack

Whether you’re a first time buyer or investor, our, independent, professional advice will make for an informed purchase. Homepack offer a one stop shop for all conveyancing documents required by your bank, taking the stress out of co-ordinating professionals.

Homepack includes:

  • Valuation
  • Title Review
  • Building Survey

All our reports are provided by independent, fully qualified and registered professionals with extensive experience in each of their particular fields.

Using our service is a simple 2 step process focussed entirely on you and meeting your needs:

Step 1

Step 2

We will contact you with your Homepack within 5 days.

Your Homepack will contain:

  • Valuation report outlining an independent market value of the property for banking purposes in determining your Mortgage Offer
  • Title Review report outlining the ownership of the property and boundaries
  • Building Survey report outlining the condition of the property, outlining any building fabric or structural defects and planning and building control issues

Your Homepack will, hopefully, tell you that everything is ‘as it says on the tin’ with your property and you can work with your bank and the seller on finalising the sale.

If there are any problems with the value, condition or legal title of the property your Homepack will tell you what they are, and provide you with professional advice on how to resolve these issues. Your Homepack will also provide you with an guide to the cost involved, in time and money, in resolving these issues.

Contact us to get a Homepack for your chosen property...

Commissioning a Homepack costs:

  • Valuation €100 vat 23% included
  • Title Review €250 vat 23% included
  • Building Survey €250 vat 23% included

You can purchase one or all of our reports.

You can also talk to us about tailoring a Homepack to your specific needs.

Call us today at 087 6436645087 6436645
or email info@homepack.ie

Homepack helps first time buyers and investors purchasing residential property

Bidding at Auction

Are you a first time buyer or investor? Purchasing a home or investment property at auction? Choose a low cost Homepack Valuation, Title Review and Building Survey off the shelf.Click here to find out how we can help you make an informed purchase.

Our affiliated consultant, Buyers' Broker, can act as an independent bidder on your behalf at an auction, or can provide you with practical advice beforehand.

Click here to visit BuyersBroker.ie for more information.

First Time Buyer

You’ve found a property you like but, before committing yourself, you want to ensure the property is right for you with no hidden costs down the line. Homepack gives you a report on the value, condition and legal title of your chosen property. Click here to find out more about how our services can help you as a First Time Buyer

Selling your Home

Commission a Homepack and make your home more attractive and stress free option for purchasers.Click here to find out more about how we can help you sell your home